Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance Australia

Annual Multi-Trip Insurance can be advantageous for people who travel frequently for business and/or pleasure. It permits an unlimited number of trips with each trip not exceeding 60 days in duration. However, you can apply for a trip extension if necessary by contacting us.  If you are likely to be making at least 2-3 trips during the next 12 months we would suggest you obtain an Annual Multi-Trip Quote in order to compare the premium.  The Annual Multi Trip Policy also covers travel within Australia subject to Policy Conditions.

The Annual Multi Trip Policy is available to residents of Australia who are under 70 years of age at the time the Certificate of Insurance is issued. Travellers must be in Australia at the time the Certificate of Insurance is issued. Cover commences on the nominated "Commencement Date" except for Cancellation or Holiday Deferment Costs, Agents Cancellation Fees and loss of Reward Points.  There is no cover under this policy when you are between trips other than for Cancellation and Additional Expenses (Section A).

The name on the policy cannot be changed other than under Section D10 of the Policy titled "Alternative Staff" which covers the reasonable  travel and accommodation costs for a replacement employee to complete the assignment for which the insured was originally sent.   

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