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The Elements Policy is best suited to the budget conscious Backpacker.  It provides less cover for a lower premium but may be sufficient particularly for the 18-30 age group. It is also sometimes suitable for Australian Residents primarily visiting relatives in a country where they have some kind of medical cover already.  

The choice to take out this policy is completely at the purchaser's discretion. You must be under 65 years of age to purchase it and it is costed on a per person basis. You are not able to cover any dependents free of charge under this policy.   The policy is not suitable for anyone with an Existing Medical Condition. 

Your policy can be extended as many times as you like but there is no provision to suspend this policy during the period of insurance. If you wish to extend your policy please contact us.

The Elements Policy can be purchased no earlier than 6 months prior to your departure date from Australia.  Snow Sports cover is not provided under this policy.  If you require cover for Cruising for  any more than 3 consecutive days an International Travel Policy will need to be purchased. 


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