QBE International Travel Plan Insurance - Schedule Of Benefits

 (Per adult includes any accompanying financially dependant child or children under 25 years)

Schedule of Benefits     
Per adult includes accompanying child or children. This list is a summary of some the benefits covered by this policy and the applicable limits. Please refer to the relevant section of the policy wording for full details of cover. Other applicable limits may apply. 
Applicable limits
Per adult
Cancellation or holiday deferment costs Section A1 Unlimited
Emergency travel arrangements and accommodation expenses Section A2 Unlimited
Agents cancellation fees Section A3 $2,000
Loss of Reward Points Section A4 $10,000
Medical and dental expenses Section B1 Unlimited
Hospital Compensation Section B2 $8,000
Limit of $75 for every 24 hours
Critical illness or injury - emergency travel expenses for a relative Section B3 $20,000
Post-hospital accommodation Section B4 $500
Limited to $100 per day
Dental expenses due to sudden and acute pain Section B5 $1,000
Medical evacuation and repatriation Section C1 Unlimited
Non medical evacuation and repatriation Section C2 Unlimited
Travel delay Section D1 $2,000
Airfare compensation Section D2 $3,000
Missed connection - Special events Section D3 $2,500
Resumption of trip Section D5 $3,000
Withdrawal of services Section D6 $500
Hijacking Section D7 Unlimited
Emergency accommodation due to terrorism Section D8 $3,000
Home and contents insurance excess Section D9 $500
Rental vehicle insurance excess Section E1 $5,000
Return of rental vehicle Section E2 $750
Luggage and personal effects maximum item limit total Section F1 $12,000
Personal computer individual item limit $6,000
Camera & video individual item limit $4,000
Smart phones $1,000
Watches & jewellery individual item limit $700
Dentures or dental prosthesis individual item limit $800
Other individual item limit $700
Emergency luggage Section F2 $500
Stolen cash Section F3 $250
Replacement golf and surf equipment Section F4 $200
Replacement passports and travel documents Section F5 $3,000
Fraudulent use of credit or debit cards Section F6 $3,000
Accidental death Section G1 $25,000
Funeral expenses overseas or repatriation of remains Section G2 $25,000
Funeral expenses within Australia Section G3 $5,000
Total permanent disability Section G4 $12,500
Loss of income Section G5 $10,000
Personal liability Section H1 $3,000,000
Legal expenses Section H2 $15,000
Financial default of travel service providers Section I $10,000
Wholesalers $5,000
Ski lift passes Section J1 $300
Ski run closure Section J2 $500
Hire replacement snow equipment Section J3 $300
Cruise catch up Section L1 $2,000
Cabin or ship's hospital confinement Section L2 $500
$50 per adult per day
Pre-paid shore excursion cancellation Section L3 $1,000
Delayed cruise return Section L4 $2,000


 Terms, limits and conditions apply. A Product Disclosure Statement should be considered before deciding whether to  acquire this product.