International / Overseas Visitors To Australia Travel Insurance

 (Per adult includes any accompanying financially dependant child or children under 25 years)

Schedule of Benefits     
Per adult includes accompanying child or children. This list is a summary of some the benefits covered by this policy and the applicable limits. Please refer to the relevant section of the policy wording for full details of cover. Other applicable limits may apply. 
Applicable limits
Per adult
Cancellation or holiday deferment costs Section A1 $20,000*
Emergency travel arrangements and accommodation expenses Section A2 $20,000
Agents cancellation fees Section A3 $2,000
Medical and dental expenses Section B1 $200,000*
Medical evacuation and repatriation Section C1 $200,000*
Non medical evacuation and repatriation Section C2 $200,000
Travel delay Section D1 $1,200
Rental vehicle insurance excess Section E1 $1,000
Luggage and personal effects maximum item limit total Section F1 $4,000
Personal computer, Camera & video individual item limit $1,000
Smart phones individual item limit $1,000
Dentures or dental prosthesis individual item limit $800
Other individual item limit $500
Emergency luggage Section F2 $300
Replacement passports and travel documents Section F5 $2,000
Accidental death Section G1 $15,000
Funeral expenses overseas or repatriation of remains Section G2 $6,000
Personal liability Section H1 $500,000


* A $10,000 limit applies to travellers 60 years and over at the time the Certificate of Insurance is issued on Sections A1, B1, C1.

 Terms, limits and conditions apply. A Product Disclosure Statement should be considered before deciding whether to  acquire this product.