What does your QBE Travel Insurance Policy cover ?


When you are looking for a value for money travel insurance policy one way to start is with what the policy does not cover under The General

Exclusions Section. If you then look at the Schedule of Benefits you will see what the Policy does cover you for.   

At Travelinsure we send you a hard copy of the QBE Policy by normal mail including the full PDS together with your Certificate of Insurance and Emergency Assistance Card within a day of purchasing the policy on-line through our website. This will give you the opportunity to assess in detail if the policy you have purchased is the right one for you. You have 21 days after the date of purchase to request a full refund. 

How do you find out how good the Travel Insurance you are purchasing really is?

It is true that you don't really find out how good a travel insurance policy is until you make a claim. However, the Testimonials on this page provide evidence of substance that QBE Travel Insurance provides the required level of service at the crucial time. This includes a 24/7 Emergency Assistance Team who will assist you in getting the best medical advice and treatment as quickly as possible and ambulance transportation and repatriation to Australia if necessary.

Always make sure that the policy you are purchasing provides the level of cover you require through a reputable company. Don't be lured by a cheaper premium if cover is reduced in areas where you might need it. Please click here for further unbiased advice about travel insurance options for Australian residents. Below you will find some Case Studies and Testimonials from people who have insured with QBE Travel Insurance.



 Travel Insurance Case Studies from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs


 The following are some examples of the kind of cases handled by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

The reasons for Australians requiring hospitalisation vary. Cases handled by the department have included car and motorbike accidents, a simple misstep and fall at a temple, and side effects from prescribed drugs. The department advises 'if you can't afford travel insurance, you can't afford to travel'. In many of the cases it is the traveller's family who have had to foot the bill.

  1. In Bangkok a man was hit by a car while riding a motorcycle. He sustained a badly fractured leg and was admitted to the nearest local hospital. His wife was with him. He did not have any travel insurance, and so had no choice as to hospital or treatment. The hospital did not have the expertise to do anything for him except clean the wound. After 3 weeks his wife asked the Embassy for assistance as parts of the shin bone had died and the fractured ends were not healing. The Embassy assisted in having the man medically evacuated to Australia for admission to hospital, at very considerable expense to his family.
  2. In Bali, 5 Australians were injured in a mini-van accident. Consular assistance was limited to support and routine contact with next-of-kin (NOK), as all the Australians involved had travel insurance. The travel insurance company paid their hospital bills and arranged their medical evacuation to Australia.
  3. A young man worked in a US ski resort for four months, then took time off to travel around the US. He permitted his 12-month travel insurance policy to expire just a few days before his departure for home. He was hit by a car while crossing a road and suffered serious head injuries. He was admitted unconscious to intensive care and required highly intensive sophisticated care until he was able to be flown back to Australia. He was still unconscious and returned on a stretcher. The cost to the family for the medical evacuation alone was $80,000. They have taken out a second mortgage on their house to raise the funds.
  4. A young Australian surfer went to the United States for a surfing competition. Although an experienced surfer, he unfortunately chose the wrong wave during a practice session. The wave dumped him on a reef and he sustained serious injuries. He was flown to a local hospital and immediately underwent two major operations. The hospital bill was for AUD290,000. Fortunately the young man's parents had insisted he take out travel insurance before he left Australia. The insurance company covered the bill, and the young man and his family were able to focus on his recovery.


QBE Travel Insurance Claims Examples/Testimonials


  1. A 72 year old man was visiting his son in Samoa in December 2012 when Cyclone Evan lashed the islands. He went out to assist to try to secure a gate at his son's house that looked like it was about to come off its hinges. As the gentleman approached the gate in the storm it was already too late and it hit him and knocked him unconscious.  He suffered severe head injuries and damaged a recently replaced hip and broke his leg.  The following day after the storm passed they were eventually able to get him to a doctor. It was decided to repatriate him to his hip surgeon in New Zealand.   The team at QBE Assist organised a medical evacuation made more difficult by the damage caused by the Cyclone. Claim Cost $3,000.  The QBE insured had this to say after his return home "I've had a few serious injuries in my life but nothing like this....and I am grateful for the support in my time of need.  I probably sound like an advertisement but the insurance company could not have been better...."  
  2. A 51 year old woman stopped over in Hong Kong on her way to South Africa.   She went to dinner with a friend and woke the next morning feeling ill with a headache and vomiting.  As she still felt tired she went back to bed. A few hours later her friend went to wake her and found her unconscious. The QBE insured had suffered a burst cerebral aneurysm and required emergency surgery.  The insured's husband was flown over to be by her side.  The insured spent two weeks in the Intensive Care Unit and a further few weeks in a specialised ward receiving treatment and physiotherapy to aid her recovery.  After more than four weeks in hospital in Hong Kong she was able to be escorted by QBE and her husband back to Australia to complete her recovery.  Claim Cost $135,000.